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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting the Brain Ready!

    • 'Vv shh' Warm-up

    • 'Vv shh' - Developing this Warm-up with Your Singers

  • 2

    Tongue Twisters

    • Walter's Waistcoat and Winnifred's Weaving Loom with Greg

    • Witches and Watches with Greg

    • Proper Cup of Coffee with Katie

    • Text for Proper Cup of Coffee

    • Join Katie, Ann, El and Greg as they Perform Proper Cup of Coffee in a Round!

  • 3

    Add Some A. A. Milne to Your Warm-ups

    • Happiness (Jack Had Great Big Waterproof Boots On)

    • Happiness - the Text with an Illustration of Jack

  • 4

    Warming Up with El

    • Warm-up for Your Choir Rehearsal with El

  • 5

    Warm-up with Blake

    • Blake Shares a Warm-up Tip for Tenors