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Free for Daubeney Primary School

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting the Brain Ready!

    • 'Vv shh' Warm-up

  • 2

    Spoken Warm-Up Activities

    • Happiness (Jack had Great Big Waterproof Boots on)

    • Text for Happiness by A. A. Milne

    • Illustrations of Jack, his boots, hat and Macintosh. These are great for the children to colour!

  • 3

    Tongue Twisters

    • Walter's Waistcoat and Winnifred's Weaving Loom with Greg

    • Witches and Watches with Greg

    • Looking at Witches and Watches and Homophones

    • Tongue Twisters when Learning About the Romans

    • Learn the Tongue Twisters for the Romans with Greg!

  • 4

    Warming up the Voice with 'Hi lo chicka lo'

    • Learn Hi lo Chicka lo with Greg from Apollo5

  • 5

    Buongiorno mia cara: a Good morning round

    • Learn 'Buongiorno mia cara' with Euan from VOCES8

    • What does 'Buongiorno' mean?

    • Listen to Euan, Andrea and Blake from VOCES8 Singing 'Buongiorno mia cara' and then sing along with them

    • Sing 'Buongiorno' in 3 parts

  • 6

    A Ghostly Round

    • Learn The Ghost of Tom with Greg

    • Score for The Ghost of Tom

    • Sing The Ghost of Tom with Katie, El, Andrea and Greg