Course curriculum

  • 1

    Preparing for Peanut and Butter's Postcard Adventure

    • Vmmm....Shh.....A Great Warm-up to get Your Brain and Voice going

    • Warm-up your voice with Peanut and Butter's special warm-up

    • Learn the Roman tongue twisters!

    • Learn 'The Romans They Marched to London' with Greg

    • Words for the Roman Tongue Twisters and Lyrics for 'The Romans Marched to London'

    • Learn 'Who Will Buy' with Greg

    • Learn 'Please Mr Postman' with Greg

    • Lyrics for Please Mr Postman

    • Sounds for the arrival of the post at the VOCES8 Centre - discover these with Greg and Tim

    • All About Postcards

  • 2

    Some helpful definitions, a worksheet with flags and making postcard ideas

    • Some helpful definitions about the street calls Tim and Greg use

    • Flags - Can you identify the flags of the countries these Olympic Marathon runners come from?

    • Postcard template if you'd like to make your own

    • Peanut and Butter in a postbag - illustration for colouring

    • Illustration of the Roman food stand in Peanut and Butter's Adventure. Can be used as a postcard or as an illustration.

    • Illustration of a Roman soldier talking to Peanut and Butter - could be used for colouring

  • 3

    Peanut and Butter's Postcard Adventure: The Interactive Film

    • Watch Peanut and Butter's Postcard Adventure