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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Locus iste

    • Challenges when Singing Locus iste: Introduction by Barney

    • Score

    • Singing London Booklet: Scores for Participants

    • Listen to VOCES8 perform Locus iste

  • 2

    Learn Your Part

  • 3

    Rehearsing Locus iste

    • Andrea's Advice for Singing Legato

    • Katie - Thinking about the Rests and the Breaths Before You Sing

    • Chris - Tuning and the Importance of the Octave Leaps in the Bass Part

    • El - Tips for Singing High and Quietly

    • Euan - From Fortissimo to Pianissimo

  • 4

    Perform Your Part with VOCES8

    • Soprano

    • Alto

    • Tenor

    • Bass

  • 5

    Bruckner's Sacred Music and Locus iste

    • Discover more about Bruckner's Sacred Music and how he set Locus site in this article by Chris Moore