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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Learning Caledonia

    • Listen to VOCES8 Performing Caledonia

    • Where to Find the Score

    • Learn Soprano I

    • Learn Soprano II

    • Learn Alto I

    • Learn Alto II

    • Learn Tenor I

    • Learn Tenor II

    • Learn Bass I

    • Learn Bass II

    • Learn the Opening Solo

    • Learn the Tenor Solo at the End

    • The Trio - Learn the Top Part

    • The Trio - Learn the Middle Part

    • The Trio - Learn the Bottom Part

  • 2

    Members of VOCES8 Share their Tips and Insights into Rehearsing and Performing Caledonia

    • Jonny - Creating a 'bass pillow'

    • El - Who is Telling the Story?

    • Euan - Singing 'the meaning behind the words'

    • Blake - Balancing and Tuning the Harmony

    • Blake - Advice for Those Singing the High Tenor Part

    • Chris - Making a Sound a Little bit More like a Tenor in the Second Chorus section (bar 55)

    • Katie - Altos Coming Through the Texture (Bars 44-54)

    • Andrea - 'Stepping Away from our Classical Default' in the Hymn-like section (from bar 98)

    • Blake - Singing the Last Solo

  • 3

    Find out More About Dougie MacLean's Caledonia and Blake's Arrangement

    • Blake Writes about Arranging and Singing Caledonia